As Florida lawmakers complete session, still time to preserve environment | Commentary

(April 13, 2021) Source: Orlando Sentinel / Author: Jay Exum — Conservation of natural lands through the Florida Forever program has protected wildlife habitat, areas of aquifer recharge, wetland systems that provide flood storage and wild land recreation in Florida’s most unique ecosystems. Until recently, governors and legislators from both parties have invested hundreds of…

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Mauldin Homes are Fastest-Selling in SC, According to Study

Source: Greenville News (August 13, 2019) – Homes in Mauldin sell faster than anywhere else in South Carolina, according to new new data released by financial advice website Mauldin homes average 37 days on the market. No other Upstate cities cracked the top 10, which ranked as follows, according to SmartAsset: Mauldin (37 days) Oak…

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4 projects That Will Shape Greenville’s Future — Here’s Where they Stand

Source: Greenville News (August 8, 2019) – The unprecedented rate of growth in Greenville is matched with the need to keep pace to accommodate it. People are packed into parks that once were virtually empty. There aren’t going to be considerably fewer cars on congested Woodruff Road anytime soon, and the same is true of bikes…

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Post-Irma: Conservation Agenda More Vital Than Ever

Letter: Conservation Easements Benefit Public

Ridgeville resident William Baughman wrote the following Letter to the Editor in Charleston’s April 12th Post and Courier: I agree with the March 25 letter headlined “Private easements” about the importance of using conservation easements to protect South Carolina land for future generations. As we go through efforts such as the county comprehensive plan updates, we…

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Growth spurt: Here’s how city of Mauldin’s growth doubled and why it will happen again

Source: Greenville News Online (April 7, 2018) – A year ago, developer Jack Shaw’s land at Interstate 385 and East Butler Road included a half-mile paved loop around an empty, 10-acre field. Today it is the site of BB&T’s 140,000-square-foot, 700-employee mortgage center. Where an abandoned shoe store stood last fall on Main Street in Mauldin, a Starbucks cafe…

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What Makes Greenville, SC a Best Place to Live

One of the best travel destinations in the world is just a two-hour drive from Atlanta

Feb. 20, 2018 –There are lots of “villes” attracting travelers from across the world these days. There’s Tennessee’s Nashville, aka Music City, North Carolina’s mountainous arts district Asheville, but there’s one other ville that is climbing the ranks. (Hint: It’s not the other little-known “ville” in Tennessee, Greeneville, spelled with that awkward fourth “e.”) “Yeah, that…

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