Didier Group brings environmentally-minded investors together with some of the most notable and sometimes sensitive lands in the United States, forging partnerships that protect natural resources while often creating something extraordinary. The moving parts are complex and must be managed to a high standard. Having worked with Hank for many years, I know first-hand the quality and thoroughness of his work, but more importantly, I know who he is as a person. He does not settle, earns the trust of his clients, and is absolutely the right person for this complex yet rewarding work.

Charles Schell
Charles Schell CLTC, CSSC, CTEPPrincipal/Settlement Consultant, Forge Consulting LLC

As an environmental consultant, it is inspiring to see a company that considers environmental issues when it comes to development planning. Hank’s unique personal drive to pursue projects with private individual investors that balance needed building and conservation planning as a combined strategy has the benefits of protecting biological diversity, maintaining ecological linkages and preserving water resources. When sustainable growth occurs, it benefits us all.

Dr. Jay H. Exum
Dr. Jay H. ExumFounder, Exum Associates, Inc.