Green Building

Dedicated to sustainable building practices, we examine land investment options through a lens of how to use green building, conservation planning and other eco-friendly strategies as part of an overall plan tailored for each opportunity.

When unique, environmentally significant lands are involved, it often requires additional creative thought and effort to find a development plan that is best suited to the specific characteristics of the property, while minimizing the environmental impact.

We believe that great developments can be created that meet the needs of growing communities while incorporating features that preserve environmentally sensitive areas and bio-diversity. Thoughtful land development approaches utilizing high quality standards, incorporating architecturally-significant designs, emphasizing green space rather than maximum density building, and including the consideration of solar and other energy efficiency options can create exceptional investment opportunities.

As Florida, Northern Georgia, South Carolina and other areas in the Southeast see rapid population growth, there is a constant need for development to meet both business and residential demand. By examining investment strategies that embrace sustainable development, DidierGroup provides its investors with green building opportunities that ensure notable lands will be developed in an environmentally conscious way, protecting the natural resources of growing communities.

When Land is Conserved

When Land is Conserved

As part of our evaluation of land investment projects, we consider green-inspired  development strategies that blend conventional development goals with conservation planning approaches. If our investors determine that an overall land or community plan would be best served by placing all or a portion of a property into conservation then, DidierGroup takes all necessary steps to ensure that such conservation goals are realized in a manner consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

As is typical in charitable giving, there may be significant tax implications when the conservation of land is involved. As such, all of our investors are encouraged to seek appropriate tax counsel and advice as to the potential benefits and risks that may be associated with any investment that involve land conservation options with tax implications.

In our business as a private equity firm, we have experienced a growing trend in our investors seeking to invest in a way that aligns with their own eco-conscious sensibilities and we believe that green investing is the future of our field.


We think a more informed investor is a better investor. To help everyone make smart, informed decisions, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite resources. And, as always, Hank is available to talk. To set a phone call or meeting, simply reach out via the Contact Us page.

American Resort Development Association
Audubon Society
Exum Associates, Inc.
Land Trust Alliance
National Association of Home Builders
Nature Conservancy
Urban Land Institute
US Green Building Council

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