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DidierGroup, LLC is a private equity firm that brings unique land opportunities to investors. With an accomplished team of professionals, the firm presents investors with real estate investment options that embrace environmentally sound strategies and reflect trends in green development and sustainable building.

At DidierGroup, whether it is a project that enhances an existing development, gives rise to new and innovative green building, or simply re-imagines the existing natural beauty of a property in an eco-inspired way, our work reflects our company vision. We believe sustainable development that considers all these options is not only good business, but makes for good investments.

We offer our investors an opportunity to participate in a variety of land-based funds designed to strike the right balance between profit-driven building and environmental conservation. A typical project will incorporate green-inspired development, use unique architectural designs, and consider how to best preserve pristine lands and diverse wildlife habitats. At the end of the day, we look for land investment opportunities that consider and embrace the natural elements of a property while also meeting our investors development investment goals.


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“The world of investing is changing, with new investors looking at how they can
achieve both acceptable returns and build a better world with their money.”

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