Dedicated to sustainable building practices, DidierGroup specializes in strategies that represent the best use for the land and the least impact on the environment.  We provide our investors with projects that strike the right balance between profit-driven building and environmental conservation.

We believe that great developments can be created that meet the needs of growing communities while simultaneously incorporating features that preserve environmentally sensitive areas or bio-diversity.  A thoughtful land development approach utilizes high quality standards, architecturally-significant design, emphasizing a smart use of green space rather than maximum density development, and includes the consideration of solar and other energy efficiency options.

As Florida, South Carolina and other areas in the Southeast see rapid population growth, there is a constant need for development to meet both business and residential demand. Via a sustainable growth approach, DidierGroup works to provide its investors with green building opportunities that ensure that notable lands will be developed in an environmentally conscious way that both protects the natural resources of the land and serves to enhance the community.

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